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We promise to reimburse you the full cost of your registration for the Audencia-La Baule Triathlon if your participation in the event cannot take place due to government restrictions.

Here is the planning for the year 2023 :

Registrations are only made online, as well as the payment of the registration fees and the Competition Pass, via the Njuko platform.

You will find the link of the platform in the tab Registration of our website.

No registration will be possible on site.

You have the possibility of being refunded the purchase of your bib up to 70% until September 4th, 2023 regardless of the reason for the refund. 

The Triathlon Audencia – La Baule is open to licensees and non-licensees alike. If you are not a FFTri licensee, a Pass Competitionwill be required to participate in the events.

Watch out! The number of unlicensed participants is limited to 300 for Olympic Triathlon.

Tarifs of the Competition Pass :

  • Sprint Triathlon : 5 €
  • Olympic Triathlon : 20 €
  • Kids Triathlon : 2 €
  • Companies & Partners Tri-Relay / General Public Tri-Relay : 2 € per athlete
  • Olympic Tri-Relay : 2 € per athlete

The undersigned is informed :

– That he benefits, within the framework of the present event, from the guarantees provided for in the civil liability insurance policy taken out by the F. F. T. R. I. with MAIF,

– That the Competition Pass does not include any personal insurance coverage,

– That his bike – his child’s bike – has no insurance coverage. The material damage that he – his child – could cause to his bike or to the bikes of third parties is not covered by the federal liability insurance,

– That the damage that third parties may cause to his bike – to his child’s bike – is not covered by the federal liability insurance.

You will find the link to modify your registration in the confirmation email of your registration. 

If you encounter a problem, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Olympic Triathlon and the Olympic Tri-Relay are open from the Junior category (2004-2005).

The Sprint Triathlon is open from the Cadet category (2005-2006).

The General Public Tri-Relay and Companies & Parteners Tri-Relay are open from the Minime category (2008-2009).

For the Kids Triathlon, the races are open respectively:

  • Chicks: to people born in 2014-2015 (8/9 years old) ;
  • Pupils: to persons born in 2012-2013(10/11 years old) ;
  • Benjamins: to people born in 2010-2011 (12/13 years old) ;
  • Minimes: to persons born in 2008-2009 (14/15 years old).

You are even welcome! The Audencia – La Baule Triathlon is committed to promoting disabled sports and to putting all the means in place to welcome you.

We invite you to contact us prior to any registration in order to be identified as a disabled sportsman and put special arrangements in place if necessary.

Tarifs and documents

The prices expressed do not take into account possible bank charges.


The Competition Pass and Medical Certificate¹ are not required for the following types of licenses:

  • French Triathlon Federation – Competition License
  • French Triathlon Federation – Paratriathlon Competition License

The Competition Pass is mandatory but the medical certificate¹ is not required for the following types of licenses:

  • French Swimming Federation or FF Handisport Natation²².
  • French Cycling Federation or FF Handisport Cycling².
  • French Federation of Athletics or FF Handisport Athletics².
  • National Commission for Modern Decathlon
  • Federation of Defense Clubs
  • National University Sports Federation
  • Foreign Federation affiliated to the International Triathlon Union³.

The Competition Pass is not required but the medical certificate¹ is mandatory for the following types of licenses :

  • National Union of School Sports
  • French Federation of Corporate Sport

The Competition Pass as well as the medical certificate¹ are mandatory for the following types of licenses:

  • French Triathlon Federation Leisure license, Leader, Action
  • No licenses listed above

¹ Medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of sport in competition dated less than one year prior to the day of registration to the competition by the athlete. 

² Your license must be valid on the day of the event you participate! Otherwise, a medical certificate is mandatory.

³ The Competition Pass is free of charge for certain foreign federations (detailed list at fédéral website).

For logistical reasons, we encourage you to provide your supporting documents as soon as possible.

The deadline for returning supporting documents is September 11th, 2023. After this date, no modification of the file can be made.

Failing this, any participation is excluded.

For non-licensees :

  • A medical certificate with the mention “no contraindication to the practice of sport in competition“, dated less than one year prior to the day of registration for the event.
  • A Competition Pass

For FFTri¹ licensees or equivalent with a foreign Triathlon Federation: the photocopy of the license replaces the medical certificate and the Competition Pass.

For the Tri-Relay :

  • A medical certificate with the mention “no contraindication to the practice of sport in competition“, dated less than one year prior to the day of registration for the event.
  • OR if you have a license¹ with the French cycling, swimming or athletics federations, a photocopy of the license replaces the medical certificate provided that the participant chooses the corresponding discipline during the relay and that the license is valid on the day of the competition.
  • The Competition Pass is mandatory

For companies: signature of a affidavit of honour of filiation to the designated company for at least two out of three competitors in the context of a registration for the Companies & Partners Tri-Relay

¹Please check that your license will be valid on the day of the competition. Here are the validity periods of the different licenses:

FFC license: valid from January 1 to December 31st, 2023.

FFA license: its validity ends on August 31st, 2023.

FFN License: valid from September 16th, 2022 to September 15th, 2023.

If these documents are not provided, any participation is excluded.

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your race number is to be picked up the day before or the day of your race at the secretariat of our event located this year ine the EPONA halls (Stade François André, Avenue des Rosières 44500 La Baule).   

You will have the possibility to park in the ATLANTA car parks

A shuttle will be set up between the secretariat and the race venue.


To pick up your bib, you will need to bring your photo ID (or a photocopy) and your withdrawal slip. You will then need to sign for your bib and your 35th edition T-shirt.

Watch out! Any athlete who cannot prove his identity will not be able to pick up his bib.

The withdrawal of your race number by a third party is possible as soon as you give him a copy of your ID and your withdrawal slip. No race number can be issued without an ID.

The third party will have to sign a release of responsibility attesting to the withdrawal of your race number.

Within the framework of a Tri-Relay, the presence of all the team members is not mandatory for the withdrawal of the numbers.

However, in order to pick up the bibs of the teammates, it will be necessary to bring a copy of their ID, their withdrawal slip and to sign a release of responsibility attesting to the correct withdrawal of the bibs. Without identification, no bibs will be issued.


The team member present collects all the elements given at the collection of the numbers and is in charge of giving them to his teammates.

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The races

To find the different races of the Audencia-La Baule Triathlon, go to the Race page.

The races are supervised by the FFTRI’s general rules which we invite you to consult right here.
In order to ensure the good conduct of the event, we pray you to read the 2023 rules that you can download here.

We provide pins to fix your bib when you come to pick it up. You can also bring your own bib holder. It must not be cut, folded or hidden and must be attached at a minimum of three points, including the bib belt.

The bib number will be displayed on the bathing cap provided when you pick up your bibs. It is therefore not mandatory in the water.

During the cycling course, the bib must be worn visibly on the lower back.

During the running course, the bib must be worn on the front of the body, at the lowest waist level.

Cycling part

Drafting is allowed for all races. It is forbidden for competitors overtaken by those one lap ahead to take shelter behind them. Spoked wheels must have a minimum of 16 spokes.

Bicycle extensions are prohibited.

Bicycles that are only powered by two-wheeled muscle power are allowed.

Disc brakes are allowed on all races.

Protruding ends, such as handlebar tips or cable ends, must be protected.

Position handlebar attachments and brake grips to limit the risk of injury in the event of a fall or collision (for straight handlebars such as mountain bikes, VTC…). Additions called “cow horn” or “bar ends” are authorized.

Swimming part

Participants must wear the numbered swimming cap provided when picking up their bib.

For safety reasons, the swimming suit must be worn when the water temperature is below 24°C. Wearing the swimming suit is only allowed for the swimming part.

Any breathing, propulsion or flotation aid accessory is forbidden, as well as cutting the course (check at each buoy).

For the Kids Triathlon, the wearing of the swimming suit is not mandatory.


No, smartphones and MP3 players cannot be used during the race.

However, connected watches are allowed.

No, onboard cameras cannot be used during the race.

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The programme for the weekend is to come.

Yes, for the start of each individual race, women competitors will have the possibility to choose an area exclusively reserved for women.

Access to the park by bike requires the wearing of a tamper-proof bracelet that will be given to you when you pick up your bib. Otherwise, access to the park will be refused.


You must therefore pick up your bib BEFORE dropping off your bike. 

You will be assigned a bib number corresponding to your location in the transition area.


As well, clubs and companies will be grouped together in the transition area.

The time limits for the tests are as follows:

  • Companies & Partners Tri-Relay / General Public Tri-Relay : 2h00 of which 25 minutes maximum in swimming (water outlet before T1)
  • Sprint Triathlon : 2h20 of which 30 minutes maximum in swimming (water exit before T1)
  • Olympic Triathlon :
    • 1st Cut : individual participants or relay competitors must be out of the swim course in less than 50’. Beyond that the participants will be out of the race, will have to give back bibs and chips and won’t be able to start the bike course.
    • 2nd Cut : according to the race conditions, after 3h20 of elapsed time on the individual race (~3h05 for the relay), individual participants or relay competitors will not be able to leave for the 2nd running loop. They will be directed to the finish line and ranked after the last participants who have completed the entire course.

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The timing is done using a chip placed on your left ankle (to prevent it from getting caught in the pedals) during the entire race including swimming.


For the Tri-Relay, the chip bracelet must be passed to the team-mate in the bike park at the team’s location.


The non-delivery of the chip bracelet will be charged 30 euros.

Yes, we have devoted a section on this subject on our site which you can find here.

The transition area will be home to two refreshment stations, one of which will be dedicated to the disabled athletes.

Another area will be placed at the half turn of the run.

On the Olympic Triathlon and the Olympic Tri-Relaythere will be intermediate refreshments at the halfway point and on the half turn of the run.

You can ask us your question via our contact formwe will answer you as soon as possible.

You can also call us at 02 40 37 34 28.

For any further information, do not hesitate to contact us.