SPRINT triathlon





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Description of the race

The Sprint is an individual race with 500 m swimming, 20 km cycling and 5 km running with a start from the beach of La Baule – Escoublac and a finish on the embankment.



Bibs withdrawal

To collect your bib, please bring your withdrawal slip and an identity document (or photocopy).


Bibs are collected at the Jean Gaillardon Sports Complex – Les Salines in La Baule-Escoublac. A car park is available, so we advise you to park there and then walk to the embankment (800 m away).

Safety rules

In order to ensure your safety, the municipality of La Baule and the municipal and national police, assisted by volunteers, are setting up a special system, so we kindly ask you to respect the instructions they will give you.


For the inhabitants of the town, no vehicle must remain parked on the course, otherwise it will be impounded immediately. For spectators, it will be impossible to cross the course outside the passages provided for this purpose.


For the safety of the course, we would like to thank: the ASM 85, the CFI SNSM of Vendée, the CKCPA, the National and Municipal Police of La Baule.


Thanks also to the medical corps: the doctors and nurses, the fire brigade of La Baule, the Red Cross of Saint Nazaire, the Federal Union of Osteopaths of France.